Klamath February 6th & 7th

Paul Tips his hat

Mark & Paul

What a treat to spend two days steelhead fishing on the Klamath with these two incredible guys.  They have been friends and fishing partners for nearly 30 years and shared stories of fly fishing around the globe while teasing each other mercilessly.  They were so polite they were gracious enough to  laugh at some of my jokes.  They really know how to fish, what a relaxing and enjoyable adventure.  We took a break after lunch to cast a Spey Rod they were testing for a trip to the Skeena, Babine and Kispiox, a 14’3″ 9 weight Sage that sent line to the far bank. We all agreed it was an amazing stick though a bit too serious for our fish.  Mark works tirelessly to preserve and restore Northstate fisheries as the Conservation Coordinator for the Northern California Council of the Federation of Flyfishers http://www.nccfff.org/.  We have worked together on a few local issues and it was a joy to finally put a face to the emails and phone calls we have shared.

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