A Drift Boat Fly Fishing Sampler

All smiles, Suji with big colorful trophy 'bow Driftboat Trips on the Klamath and Sacramento Rivers

November 8th & 9th

Suji visited us in Mount Shasta from Chico were he is an avid wading angler for local Steelhead and Trout.  He hadn’t fly fished from a driftboat before so we decided on a sampler, the first day on the Klamath with the following day on the Lower Sacramento River.  Conditions and fishing could not have been much better.  We had a very productive day on the Klamath with a number of half pounders to go along with a few adults.  The following day we enjoyed a beautiful warm day on the Lower Sac in near complete solitude.  We found plenty of fish including a couple of fine trophy Rainbows.  A great couple days with a dear friend!

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