Beginner’s Luck, Learning to Fly Fish & the Upper Sac 9/27

Sherri's First Fish!


Sherry thought she’d venture forth and learn to fly fish.  We settled on the Upper Sacramento River because it provides a perfect “classroom” for the novice, with a variety of  runs, riffles, pockets and pools along with easy access to over 40 miles of prime Wild Rainbow Trout habitat.  She’d done a little casting on grass and a pond, took a clinic on Putah Creek but had never seen or touched a trout.  I assured her this day would be different and that success was inevitable.  She withheld belief.  In the first run of the day we fished a dry fly and dropper and had several grabs but failed to keep any hooked.  In the second run we switched to nymphing and sure enough hooked up right away.  Unfortunately the fish was a lunker and refused to be landed by a neophyte.  A few more hook ups and Sherry landed her first fish, a chunky wild Rainbow on  a Zebra Midge.  Her success would continue throughout the day with several more hookups, handshakes, jumped fish, LDR’s, and a couple more fish landed.  She learned how “read the water”,

rigged and fished three different systems and caught wild trout on three different flies.  The Upper Sac has revealed that on her next visit she can be assured of fishing successfully on her own.

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