Cal Trout has new Director, new website and new online Streamkeeper

Upper Sacramento Our good friends at Cal Trout recently hired a new Director, Jeff Thompson who we’ve met, fished with and also shared some insightful dialogue over a few meals.  Jeff is a catch for Cal Trout, he is an avid angler who is familiar with local rivers and issues facing California fly fishers as well as a successful manager and business leader.  We expect him to lead this great group in positive directions for years to come.

One of Cal Trout’s recent improvements is a rebuilt website that is much more user friendly and informative.  Not a surprise given that our good guy neighbor and fishing buddy Tom Chandler from the Trout Undergound was put in charge.  Cal Trout also just came out with their Streamkeeper Log newsletter online.  Take a look, we think you will like what you see.

We support Cal Trout with an annual membership as well as donated guide trips that have raised over $15,000 for this important conservation group that represents local fly fisher’s interests better than anyone.   If you are not currently a member of Cal Trout we encourage you to join.  If you are a member we encourage you to stay informed and do all you can to support Cal Trout so that our children and theirs might enjoy fly fishing in our magnificent part of the world.

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