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Five Secrets to Summertime Fly Fishing Success

Scott poses his Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame dry fly McCloud River Rainbow

July 16, 2015 For many anglers, the summer heat, or the summer doldrums, often means few hatches and small fish. The prolific springtime hatches have come and gone. The rivers have become creeks, the water is crystal clear, the fish are spooky, and the most accessible runs have been fished over hard. By late summer, […]

Seasons on the Klamath: A winter fly fishing guide

Brian with one of his small orange original swing flies

Seasons on the Klamath, Wintertime by Craig Nielsen, first published in California Fly Fisher Magazine February 2010 In California, we fish all winter, because we can.  Angling during winter in the Golden State might mean ice in the guides one day followed by a second application of sunscreen a day or two later.  The fishing […]

Seasons on the Klamath River: Fall Fly Fishing


by fishing guide Craig Nielsen First published in California Fly Fisher Magazine, September 2010 The steelhead, some contend, is a fish of a thousand casts. In some cases, that is an understatement. Having chased these elusive creatures from California to Alaska for over 40 years, I have attained intimacy with the skunk in nearly all […]

Five Favorite Flies for Fall in Northern California


First published in California Fly Fisher Magazine, October 2011 As I sit on the bank of the South Fork Snake River on a warm breezy summer Idaho day, it is a bit difficult to imagine a time this fall, just a whisper away, when I will view my breath forming in front of my face […]

Dining in Mount Shasta


Dining in the Shadow of Shasta First published in California Fly Fisher Magazine July 2014 I first began visiting Mount Shasta to fish, camp, hike, climb, boat and snow ski nearly forty years ago and can still remember a magical evening sitting on a restaurant patio enjoying a meal and drink as the sun set, […]

Fly fishing in the Shadow of Shasta: Five flies for summer

Upper Sacramento River

Summer Flies: Five Recipes for Success First published in California Fly Fisher Magazine, Summer 2011 By Craig Nielsen I learned to fly fish growing up in Paradise — not figuratively, but literally. Summertime vacation was my favorite time in my hometown of Paradise, which is located on a ridge just above Chico, California, between two […]

Fly Fishing Freestones to Beat the Heat


As summer warms, we thought you might enjoy this article by Craig Nielsen: First Published in California Fly Fisher Magazine, August 2006 For as long as I can remember, my favorite time of year has been summer. When I was a kid in Northern California, summers meant long and lazy adventures in canyons, playing in […]