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Dining in Mount Shasta


Dining in the Shadow of Shasta First published in California Fly Fisher Magazine July 2014 I first began visiting Mount Shasta to fish, camp, hike, climb, boat and snow ski nearly forty years ago and can still remember a magical evening sitting on a restaurant patio enjoying a meal and drink as the sun set, […]

Ashland, Oregon: The finest in foraging

First Published in California Fly Fisher Magazine, June 2010 There was a time when a campground with running water and flush toilets on a fishing trip represented the lap of luxury to me.  Toss in a stove to heat the beans and hot running water, and dare I say, a luke warm shower and life […]

Dining in Dunsmuir, restaurant reviews for visiting anglers

[flickr album=72157612018208689 num=5 size=Thumbnail]First Published as a Foraging Angler Column in: California Fly Fisher Magazine, August 2009 I concluded my previous Foraging Angler offering “Dining in the Shadow of Shasta”with a promise to reveal some secrets regarding dining in Dunsmuir.  I’ll begin this column by sharing with you the biggest secret of all.  The overall […]

Dining in the Shadow of Shasta, restaurant reviews for anglers

Craig draws upon 10 years of research to put together a comprehensive list of Mt. Shasta’s finest eateries. A must read for anyone planning a visit to the area, the list includes restaurant reviews, typical prices, hours, locations, and contact info.