Craig enjoys swinging success Steelheading on the Rogue River

Rogue1Spey Rod Spring Steelhead on the Rogue River

Craig took a day off from guiding this week and joined his good friend Will Johnson, owner of the Ashland FlyShop for an afternoon of swinging flies with Spey and Switch Rods on the Rogue River just over the Oregon border from Mt. Shasta.  The weather  was phenomenal and water conditions near perfect.  Flows on the Rogue are low with about four feet of visibility and beautifully green, perfect for swinging.

Both Craig and Will cast Skagit lines and 10′ sink tips as water temps were in the low forties and fish were not moving far to chase flies.  Craig opted for a Black and Blue Scott Howell Signature Intruder cast with a 12 1/2′ seven weight Sage TCX. Will chose to swing a locally tied  bright bead head fly similar to an Agent Orange with a 11 1/2′ seven weight Sage One switchrod.  Craig moved two fish, one on a sharp grab, the other pulled twice before being hooked solidly after the second grab and landed after some spirited runs.

rogue2The Rogue is fishing quite well right now as are the Umpqua and Klamath.  Our good friend Rich Zellman has some availability guiding Oregon rivers as do Shasta Trout Klamath guides,  and the forecast is calling for more fantastic weather so if you considering a final steelhead trip for the season we recommend a tour soon!  Drop us a line for the latest on conditions or to schedule a guide.  We hope to see you soon!

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