Drifting the Lower Sacramento River, Third try is the charm

Don with one of several trophy Lower Sac 'Bows Lower Sac is in great shape for a driftboat trip, finally!

November 10th

Persistence finally paid off for Don on his third attempt to drift the Lower Sacramento River.  Don has fished some local freestones with us and heard the stories and seen the pictures of the great fishing on the Lower Sac.   Unfortunately the river was unfishable in April when he scheduled a trip to experience it himself for the first time.  We rescheduled a prime date in October but a freak storm blew it out the afternoon before he arrived.  On this day, our third attempt there were no weather worries.  It was bright and sunny, we had the river to ourselves and the fish were more than cooperative.   Having injured his casting arm recently the hard pulling big ‘bows caused Don to switch to his off hand over the day so that after the trip Don wrote: “Thanks so much for the pain…my arms (both of them) had the strength & vitality of soggy overcooked spaghetti,  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  It was a very satisfying day.  There were several nice fish brought to net, I  learned some new techniques & enjoyed myself while doing it. God, you were patient. But then that’s probably part of the job description & you did it well.  Thanks again for your help in making it such a pleasant experience.”

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