Dry Fly fishing on McCloud River outstanding, Upper Sac and Pit continue fair to good.

Oh Yes! Bob enjoys one of many trophy dry fly 'bows this afternoon Dry Fly fishing on the McCloud River has been outstanding as midday hatches of Pale Morning Duns and Large Drakes, including Green Drakes have big ‘bows looking up.  Some Salmonflies and early Goldenstones are out and about and fish are beginning to take them on the surface as well. Local guides, Craig Nielsen, Alan Blankenship, Rick Cox, Wayne Eng, and Fred Gordon have treated folks to some outstanding days and exceptional fish as a result of the bounty.  The flows remain low, very clear and stable, well below the norm, particularly for a high water year and may not last with a large snowpack still poised.  The weather forecast is calling for some warmer, stable weather in the coming week, so we recommend you get here now to enjoy the magic while it lasts!

Trophy Rainbow Trout fly fishing @Mossbrae Falls, Upper Sacramento River The Upper Sac and Pit continue fair to good as flows continue to be high and fishable water is limited.  The bugs have begun to pop but it is still difficult to access the very best water in these flows.  Some midday hatches and dry fly fishing can be had but it has not been the steady affair we’ve experienced on the McCloud or Hat Creek, so one day is good while the next is not so.  Some fair weather in the forecast hopefully will change this for the better.

Rick enjoys an Upper Sacramento River trophy Rainbow Rick, and son Jake, enjoyed a fine day on the Upper Sac on a blustery day with Craig.  They take an annual trip and ventured to the Upper Sac together  for the first time.  The bite was a bit soft and the high, cold water made it difficult to land some of the larger fish.  This is the time of year we find some of the biggest Rainbows of the season and Rick did manage one trophy to hand that gained him entry into the Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame.

Bob with dry fly McCloud River trophy 'bow Bob, fishing with Craig caught all his fish on the McCloud on a dry fly rig including several in the upper teens.  “Lucky Lew” always manages to be in the right place at the right time.  While most of the fish in the morning were on the smaller size, the mayfly hatch in the afternoon saw all the big heads up and Bob took full advantage, getting his dry fly game going in a big way.  What a magical day on a magical river!

Ah Di Na road impasse The rock blocking the road in between Ah Di Na and the Nature Conservancy that was scheduled to be removed by blasting on May 26th is still in place.  Plan to walk the extra 1/2 mile or so to gain access to the lower river.


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