Epic Steelhead Fly Fishing on the Klamath River

Steve with a Big Beautiful Steelhead Solo Steelhead Guide Date turns Magical

November 29th

On this guide date the fly fishing for Steelhead was truly epic.  Steve fishes with us regularly and invited a few of our good friends to join us on the Klamath River for a day of Steelheading together.  None of them could make it, so the two of us fished together with little company as it turns out nobody else found their way to the river on this day.    It turned out to be one of those magical days that we will not soon forget.  We found fish in the first run and every run after.  On several runs we would row back upstream and could not go through the run again without a hook up.  We caught little ones, chunky ones, hot ones, bright ones, and by the end of the day several big ones came to hand as well.  Our last fish was an incredible  big hot hen that scorched the reel on a run upstream followed by a spectacular leap with five more jumps to follow.   Wow!  The next time Steve calls with a “get here now message” friends are bound to listen ;>)

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  1. Tomas
    Posted December 7, 2009 at 11:56 am | Permalink

    Nice! Just like a powder day, big surf day, epic mountain bike conditions, or finally a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.

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