Experienced Flyfishers Enjoy the Klamath River

Allen with another big girlGuiding Experienced Steelheaders

November 18th

Ross is regular fishing partner and one of the most seasoned Steelhead fly fishers we know.  Allen is an experienced flyfisher but newer to steelheading.  He knew precisely how many Steelhead he had caught prior to this day, six.  Ross typically fishes the Trinity a few days a week and spends six weeks or more in BC following his passion.   The plan when we scheduled the trip was to swing flies and   conditions were ideal.  Water temps were in the low fifties, there were loads of aggressive half pounders and adults in the runs and the egg bite was on the wane as only a few Chinook Salmon remained.  Unfortunately the fish had something else in mind and refused to chase flies, preferring to be spoon fed with nymphs and eggs.  We got a few  nibbles on the swing but the nymphing was very good.  Allen managed to roughly double the number on his life list with the hot hand, while Ross, the grizzled vet found a few fish but was reduced to a spectator time and again.   Ross having seen it all, knew this is how it goes on occasion and was tickled for his good friend.

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