Fishing Reports

Current information on river flows, fishing conditions, fly selection, and closures for Northern California including the Upper and Lower Sacramento River, the Klamath River, the McCloud River, the Pit River, the Trinity River, and Hat Creek.
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New Steelhead Guides & Rogue River Fishing Report

Kait squareRogue River

Despite the low returns of steelhead to west coast rivers this season, the Rogue River is fishing as well as we've ever seen.  The fly fishing only regulations opened a week ago and conclude at the end of October.  With ideal water temps in the 50's, some recent showers that cleared the air and moved some fish along with a weather forecast calling for cooler temperatures and showers the fishing may even get better!  If you are anxious to get your steelhead season off to a successful start drop us a line.  We are excited to have recently added two new experienced and friendly guides, James Sampsel and Kait Bailey who feature the Rogue along with the Klamath & Umpqua Rivers as well as the 10433269_10205460673777049_7660639668061845505_nOregon Coast. While Kait & James often guide all methods, both nymphing and twitching flies from the boat,  they are particularly fond of swinging flies for steelhead and have successfully introduced this artful technique to seasoned anglers and beginners alike.  The fall season on the Rogue typically runs through Thanksgiving and they still have several dates available.  We do not expect this availability to last for long as it is our busiest time of year, so drop us a line at your earliest opportunity to enjoy steelheading at it's finest. IMG_108820170807_075234We would like to also congratulate our good friend and fellow guide Brandon Worthington on accepting his new position as Director of the Outdoor Program at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks!  We will miss his enthusiasm and good humor but remember fondly the magical days we spent together chasing ghosts. IMG_2466IMG_523620170822_162856There has been some patchy smoke from local fires in the Rogue Valley but on most days it has been comfortable, particularly in the early mornings on the river when fishing is at its best.  With cooler temps and some rain showers air quality has improved.  The overcast has actually made fishing later in the day more productive and the steelhead much more surface oriented! Klamath River The Klamath is coming in shape as water temps have dropped into the mid sixties, the water is low and clear and a few steelhead are starting to show in the mid and upper river which we feature.  The salmon season has been closed so you can count on having the river to yourself.  We have guide availability in the coming months which is prime time and our busiest so call us now to schedule a date with an experienced local guide. IMGP0010IMGP0005The Upper Sacramento and McCloud Rivers Fly fishing on the Upper Sac and McCloud has held up surprising well this summer and with the largest number of October Caddis nymphs we've ever seen is about to get very exciting.  If you've experienced this hatch you'll want to schedule a trip, if you haven't now is the time to plan an adventure you'll want to return to every season.  We have had fair to good success recently nymphing pocket water and oxygenated runs during the day and enjoyed fishing small and tiny dry flies to rising fish in the evenings. A quick FYI The road to Ah-Di=Nah will be closed for repairs September 13 & 14th. Lower Sacramento River It's been much too hot for us the past few weeks (110 degrees +) to venture out on the Lower Sac but after this weekend temps will be dropping as will the annual much anticipated Salmon egg drop which provides exciting viewing of these magnificent creatures and the best opportunity of the year to land the trophy Rainbow Trout of a lifetime.  Again, it is our busiest time of year so schedule your fall trip soon before our calendars fill. We hope you will take the opportunity to fish with us this fall but if you are headed our way and wish to fish on your own feel free to drop a line, we always enjoy sharing all we able about the rivers we love.

Umpqua Gathering & Shasta Fly Fishing Report

IMG_2431July 26th North Umpqua Reunion & Shasta Area Fly Fishing Report I just finished unpacking from ten days celebrating another(!) bday on the North Umpqua with friends and family.  We camped, fished, ate, drank, swam, hiked, toured Crater Lake, wine tasted and partied as if we were much younger.  Many thanks to the friends who joined us again to kick off the steelhead season in style: Jerri, John, Lisa, Stan, Julie & Mike, Stacy & Trevor, Wrena & Bella, Tim & Katie, Tim & Judy, Ed & Melinda, Gui, Jim, Dave & Judy, Pete, Peter, Zach & Kellie, Brian, Adrian & Family, Tony & Averi, and the many others who stopped by to share a drink, a bite and of course a fishing tale. IMG_2466IMGP0009Weather and conditions were great, there were a few early fish around and most folks where able to hook up.  We plan and hope to return next year for more fun and frolic, we hope to see you there! IMGP0005I returned home to find fine fishing.  With the warm weather, mornings and evenings are wonderfully comfortable and evening hatches continue to be magical. I've been focusing on the wild trout in the Upper Sac and McCloud which are in good shape with plenty of cold water as well as Lake Siskiyou which has some surface action for smallies and an evening Hex hatch.   Drop me a line if you can make it up this way as I do have a few openings and would enjoy nothing more than sharing the magic with you. IMGP0002Lake Siskiyou fat Smallmouth IMGP0003IMGP0001Umpqua HenIMGP0014IMGP0001IMG_2455IMG_2447IMG_2446Side dishes

Guide’s Shasta Area Fishing Report

Klamath River dry fly steelheadJune 11th In the past week I've had the opportunity to sample the fishing on several rivers in the shadow of Shasta, including the McCloud, Upper Sacramento, Lower Sacramento and the Klamath Rivers and found good fishing on each.  I had one session with a guest who, without moving his feet,  hooked a dozen fish on a dry fly and landed eight, all in the teens, amazing!  It doesn't get much better.  We also enjoyed a few evening sessions casting to pools of boiling fish.  The wet weather over the last couple days has dampened the surface action but with the forecast calling for a warm up, I expect the dry fly fishing to heat up again as well. IMG_0137.JPGIMGP0001IMGP0005I've also been swinging skated flies on the Klamath with some success, not a big numbers game, but hey it's June, we found adult steelhead taking waked flies on the surface, what more could a steelheader ask for?  If you can sneak away please drop a line and join me.  I had two trips reschedule for later this week, so I have June 15-17th available for a last minute adventure and my schedule is flexible later in the month to squeeze a few trips in as well.   Just give me a ring and head up to Mount Shasta to enjoy the bounty and the delightful spring weather.  I hope to see you soon! IMGP0001IMGP1482 copyIMGP0006IMGP0001

Fly Fishing Guide’s report: McCloud, Upper and Lower Sac, Klamath & Hat Creek

Deschutes Redband dry fly magicMay 27th Flows on rivers in the Shadow of Shasta have fallen and the weather is perfect with the biggest hatches of the season just days away.  The famed Golden Stone and Salmonfly hatches are just beginning to show with a host of Mayflies, Sallies, and Caddis numbers increasing daily.  This past week I have found good fishing on the Upper Sac, McCloud and Lower Sacramento Rivers and received a report from a Hat Creek fan that claimed it is the best it's been in years. IMGP0010Flows on the Upper Sac and particularly the McCloud have dropped nicely into shape with 4-5' of visibility and nearly ideal conditions.  While most crossings on the McCloud will be possible there are still very few places on the Upper Sac for crossing, making first hand knowledge key to avoid wasted time locating fishable runs.  The roads on the McCloud to both Ash Camp and the Conservancy have been opened though a few spots are only one lane.  The bite has been best nymphing with small nymphs still out performing larger ones though a rubberleg can bring the largest fish of the day.  While nymphing will continue to be good, our best dry fly fishing of the season is just days away! EnochLSac_1On the Lower Sacramento River flows have been dropped to 11,000 cfs which is typical and terrific for this time of year and though clarity is only 2 1/2 -3' it is not an issue for nymphing.  We've had some 100+ degree days but forecasts are for highs in the 80's and low 90's which makes floating quite comfortable.  Hatches of PMD's and summer Caddis (Hydropsyche) are increasing and the big wild 'bows have been grabby with very consistent action throughout the day. The Klamath has dropped to 2350cfs and is fishable with the first Salmonflies of the season popping just days ago.  This typically portends dry fly fishing peaking in a couple weeks.  Stay tuned! I had a last minute cancellation so currently have May 30, 31st and June 1st available as well as a few days after June 13th. Drop me a line if you can make the pilgrimage, I would very much enjoy sharing these great conditions and my firsthand local knowledge with you. The "kids" float mid riverBrandon with a Deschutes dry fly RedbandLast week I spent seven days on the Deschutes River in Oregon with my wife and good friends chasing the Stonefly hatch, camping and running some exciting whitewater.  The bugs were out in force but not flying much as the weather turned cool with some showers and wind so dry fly fishing was not what we had hoped.  I salvaged my dry fly jones on the last two sunny afternoons with a good session followed by a great one, feeling lucky to have "cracked the code."  We rotated cooking duties and ate like royalty while lounging and sipping fine wine and whiskey in some spectacular campsites.  Fun was had by all. Here is a link to some Deschutes trip pics.New York strips and sweet potato Ta Ta'sHole in the wall gang hangin'

Fly Fishing guide’s report for the shadow of Shasta

IMGP0002May 10th: Spring has sprung Spring weather has arrived in Shasta and the wildflowers and bugs are popping.  The dogwoods are just amazing!  I was on the water a few days recently as flows on the Upper and Lower Sacramento Rivers have returned to just above normal levels making them much more fishable than they were just the previous week when they were more than double the normal flows.  Hat Creek, which is spring fed, is only a bit high (crossing the river is not possible in some reaches) but the river is fishing fair to good with hatches only expected to improve.  Releases out of McCloud Reservoir are still @ 900cfs but clear so the McCloud has some fishable runs though it can be a bit of a walk past whitewater to get from one to the next.  Dam managers are reporting that they plan to keep flows on the McCloud at this level through the end of the month barring an unusual weather event. IMGP0012IMGP0011While bugs are getting active they are not around in large numbers yet so the dry fly fishing has been spotty at best.  We spent our time nymphing and found fish that were not overly selective taking small mayfly nymphs and rubberlegs equally well.  I expect with the upcoming showers forecast that some of the bigger Mayflies will begin to show and fish will be looking up for them, making dry fly fishing a viable option.  Check out my post on Brown Drakes and a successful pattern, with the recipe.  When showers subside expect the big Stoneflies to take the stage and the spring feast will commence. CraigLSacIMGP0008I have fished and guided these rivers for a few decades now including several seasons with similar conditions.  I have learned that this first hand, local knowledge is often essential to clients' success and enjoyment.  I still have a few days available in late May and June, drop me a line if you think you might enjoy my sharing this knowledge with you. PS  The Klamath River is dropping into shape and I hope to check it out late next week, stay tuned!