Fly Fisher lands twenty two inch summertime Rainbow on the Upper Sacramento River

Jim dances with a trophy Upper Sacramento River Rainbow Jim and Chuck nymphing an Upper Sacramento River run Jim with an Upper Sacramento River trophy September 19th

On one of the last days of summer, three longtime friends Chuck, Mike and Jim arrived for a few days of fishing and camping.  An unseasonal storm blew in so they opted to crash in an inexpensive hotel for the night.  They make these pilgrimages several times each season and as usual started their adventure with a guide date with Craig to jump start the fishing.  They had arranged to fish the Upper Sac and though the storm had not caused the river to rise much, it had turned it to an off color tea reducing visibility to about three feet.

We fished the first few runs tentatively with a back up plan to head over to the McCloud if things turned out to be as bad as they looked.  The fish didn’t seem to mind and we had several grabs, landing a few small ones. This theme continued until we opted to fish a run that is one of the most technical on the river.   A few days before Craig had sighted a few very large fish in the run and thought the colored water might help disguise anglers allowing stealthy presentations.

Jim played the game to perfection working about half way down the run until he hooked bottom.  Then the bottom began to move and the dance was on.  The Rainbow made many spirited runs but in the end, Jim had his trophy, one of the largest trout he’s ever caught and perhaps his largest from a river anywhere! His good friend Mike offered his measure net and the results were in. Congrats Jim on your entry into ShastaTrout’s “Hawg of Fame”.

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