Fly fishing guides swing with spey rods for Steelhead on the Rogue River

Jerry finished swinging run with spey rod at Touvelle Park, Rogue RiverAugust 1st & 3rd

People frequently ask when is the best time to fish?  Our simple answer is, “whenever you can.”  We like to practice what we preach, so when Jerri and I needed to get our autos serviced in Medford we packed a couple spey rods, rented a car, got some beta from our good friend Will, the owner of the Ashland Flyshop, and went out to Touvelle Park on the Rogue River to swing for early run Steelhead.  Jerri opted to swing a dryline and small wet fly on Sage’s new TCX 11’9″ seven weight smooth casting switch rod, so Craig followed up with a sink tip and Gary Anderson’s new Explorer Series 12′ 6′ six weight, which we both love.

Of course Jerri received all the attention, landing a few juvenile steelies, with one slightly larger one trying to eat the one she had hooked at one point.  She then got grabbed by the real deal but neither Jerri or Craig were able to get the adult fish to come back.  The Rogue is a bit high but in great shape and some fish are being caught. We have some good friends who guide on the Rogue regularly, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to send you their way and share all we are able.

Fat and sassy Upper Sacramento River summer 'bowCraig had a last minute cancellation so also took the evening third off to fish the Upper Sacramento River.  The fishing was so good, he headed home early (before the hatch got going and fish starting rising!) to catch the end of the Giants game (they finally won one) after landing a very fine fish after several fine fish, figuring that it was best to quit with the illusion that it could get even better, rather than breaking the spell.

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