Lucky Day Fly Fishing on the Lower Sac, 9/21/09

Craig with one of Gordon's nice Rainbows “Lucky” Bob and Gordon

Good luck swung our way this day on the Lower Sac, after a week of poor luck with vehicles (two broken rented trailers and two flat tires).  The grab actually started out a bit slow as we went through two or three drifts without a bump in a couple of runs that had produced fish every pass just two days before.   We changed flies and adjusted our drop as a number of other boats arrived and headed our way.  While I am happy to see others enjoying the river,  I go fishing as a way to avoid crowds and work hard to plan a day that features wild fish and connecting with the nature rather than taking an opportunity to socialize with strangers.   Of course we immediately hooked a couple nice fish and a few more boats headed our way.

I appreciate the value of getting into fish early and often and I don’t care to leave fish to find fish but  when the crowd arrived we opted to drift downstream to an unoccupied run, made a few more adjustments and were in to fish again.  One boat upstream hooked a fish but the half dozen or so others working the water we left didn’t appear to get a bump.  After a few more passes with bent rods the flotilla joined us again in our new found bonanza still searching for their first fish.  I rowed back upstream to the water they had just left and we were back into fish again.  A few of these folks are friendly guides who I’ve worked with so when asked,  we shared all that we could.  It just turned out to be our day, despite our offering this scene would play out again and again.  We only saw one additional hook-up though we most often had  other boats in sight and whenever another boat would come near we seemed to hook up.   Bob and I have fished together a few times this season and he has brought this incredible luck with him each time.  Gordon and I were pleased Bob was able to share a bit of his good fortune with us on this day.

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