Fly Fishing the Klamath River, a Guide’s Report

Donna finds a chunky hen Steelhead A nice wild Klamath River Steelhead brings big smiles! A chunky Klamath River Steelhead enticed by a big bug Alan with a hot Winter Run Klamath Steelhead Winter Steelhead Trips

Jan 2-9

We started out the brand new year with some great groups Steelhead fishing on the Klamath River.  We were looking forward to the week as all of them are seasoned anglers and the river remains in superb condition.  Donna and Anne, who were first up, are members of the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club and they enjoyed some fair weather and a few fine fish.  We were hoping to do some swinging  but unfortunately Craig lost his anchor and we were unable to post up to swing the best spots.   He had a back up anchor, but this was it as he managed to loose his primary anchor just a few days prior.  The chance of losing two was quite slim as the last time he lost an anchor was in 2002! The ladies are good sticks as well as good sports and made the best of their day landing some very nice fish.  We are hoping to join them at the Speyorama they host at their beautiful club in April.  Next up was a two day trip with three pairs of fathers and sons.  These guys are incredibly good humored and fun, able to laugh at themselves and  poke fun at each others’ fortunes whether good or bad.  It turned out to be fortunate as the bite on the Klamath slowed and these stellar sticks had to work for a few good Steelhead each. The last two days of the week, some good friends of Cal Trout, Darrell and Alan, joined us for two days of nymphing and a little swinging with switch rods.  While the fishing was superb the catching was tough.  We found two big hot winter run fish the first morning which boded well.  We then proceeded to fish hard for two days for some half pounders but only one additional adult.  These guys fish often enough to know that steelheading is not always about the catching but I can’t recall the Klamath ever being quite this cruel.   For more pics of the action this week, just click on any of the photos above.

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