Fly Fishing the Klamath River, Swinging & Nymphing

Bill wades deep for a sweet swing

Swinging versus nymphing for Steelhead

November 16th & 17th

Swinging flies and nymphing for Steelhead on the Klamath River can both be highly effective techniques.  At this time of year with water temperatures in the low 50’s and high 40’s many times fly fishers swinging flies can expect catch rates close to or sometimes exceeding those who prefer to nymph.  But what a difference a day can make.  On the first day of this trip we mostly swung flies.  Bill fished the first day with us and is dedicated to swinging flies.   He opts to use the boat only for transportation, often wading deep with the current lapping at his elbows.  Bob fishes both on the swing and nymphing sometimes changing techniques to for the run we are in or perhaps just to suit his mood.   The bite the first day was tough.  We had a few half pounders to hand, Bob had a few small adults and in the very last run, Bill hooked and jumped our best fish of the day swinging a tailout.  He brought it beside the boat before a tangled line kept it from the net and a picture.  The next day Bob and I went it alone and it was one of those magical days one hopes for.  The action was steady all day, we had fish on nymphs as well as on the swing with some memorable ones to hand.  We concluded it was just silly good!

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