Fly Fishing the Klamath River, to swing or nymph?

Another big bright hen Fly fisher has epic day swinging and nymphing on the Klamath River

November 22nd

If you can’t decide on your guide date whether it is better to swing or  nymph for Steelhead on the Klamath River, why not do both?  That was the exact approach David decided to take on this day with epic results.  We spent equal times on each technique, nymphing through the deep runs and swinging tailouts and glides.  We ended with equal results, perhaps a few more fish on the swing but a few larger fish on nymphs.   David schedules a few days each season to serve as a getaway from his busy work schedule and to provide a nice tune up for forays to BC to chase the big ‘uns.   We look forward to another visit from David next month to see if we can intercept some newly arrived winter chrome.

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