Fly Fishing the McCloud River, Bollibokka & beyond: Guide Reports

The birthday boy enjoys another misty day and McCloud River Rainbow Paul enjoys his largest trout ever! Annie and Harry enjoy a full day at the McCloud River Preserve We are enjoying an Indian summer in the shadow of Shasta and the fishing couldn’t be much better.  The catching on the McCloud River has been amazing as well.  Returning guests have experienced their best trips ever, including Bollibokka guests who have fished it for several years now!  A few storm fronts blew through on the first couple weeks of the month pushing a pulse of water through the system and the grab has been on ever since.  Flows are cool, low and clear making things a bit technical, accomplished anglers and those who know the river well are having considerably success while less experienced anglers are still finding a fish or few.  Fair weather continues in the forecast with freezing nightime temps which should bring the October Caddis hatch into full swing.

Nymphing during non hatch periods continues to be the top producing technique, with most action coming on flies sized 14-18 including PT’s, Micromays, Birdsnests, TwoBitHookers, S&M’s, Fox Pupas, Hart’s Dark Lords and Gordon Princes.  Summer caddis, some lingering PMD’s and Baetis make up most of hatch activity with some great dry fly action when you find it, mostly late afternoons when the sun goes off the water.  Plan on going to 6X and size 18’s when the BWO’s are showing.  Some fish have come on October Caddis dries but the hot grab is not yet in full swing.  We expect the coming weeks to be optimum.

Larger nymphs, both rubberlegs and standard nymphs such as Princes, October Caddis Pupa and Hart’s Dark Lord are also finding some fish, particularly some larger fish which we recommend you check out on Rick Cox’s report on the Ted Fay “Guide Notes” blog.  It’s a good strategy to fish a two fly rig with a large nymph and a small or tiny dropper.  Fall is streamer time and some large Browns have been on the prowl, now is the time to get that fish of a lifetime.  Stealthy approaches and presentations are key, as is finding fresh water to fish which is increasingly difficult on weekends as the river can be crowded this time of the year.

Drop us a line if you are headed our way.  We feature guides who fish the McCloud individually as often as all of our competitor’s combined.  We are also happy to share all we can, whether you are seeking guide service or not.  We hope to see you soon!


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