Fly Fishing the McCloud River remains cloudy

Carrie's McCloud RainbowAugust 7, 2014

Fly Fishing on the McCloud River remains cloudy as the river continues to suffer from an infusion of silt from Mud Creek. Folks have been calling so we thought we’d update you on conditions.

Turbid McCloud River Below Ash Camp ShastaTrout fly fishing guides have cancelled trips until conditions improve.  While the river is fishable, reports two days ago at Ash Camp were that water clarity remained at perhaps a foot and a half or two feet.   The gauging station near Lake Shasta is showing very low levels of siltation.  One good bit is that not much stealth is required and fishing pressure has been nonexistent.  While catch rates are typically low in these conditions, anglers get shots at some of the larger fish including this one a few seasons ago under similar conditions by Carrie, a guest on a trip with local guide Rick Cox.  Do stay tuned.  Feel free to drop us a line for the latest.

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