Fly Fishing with Fishmaster of Upper Sacramento River

Gerald Gerald discovers a Rainbow Gerald with a beautiful Upper Sac Rainbow Upper Sacramento River Rainbow Trout Gerald, Fishmaster for Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers

The Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers scheduled a fishout on the Upper Sacramento River that fizzled a bit so their Upper Sacramento River Fishmaster joined me for a morning to explore and compare notes.   Conditions could not have been better.  Flows are low and clear so we opted for a midriver area Gerald hadn’t yet seen where water temps have dropped to 56 degrees.  The bugs (a few early BWO’s,  PED Spinners, Black Fly larvae & MicroCaddis) were out and about and the fish approved.  In just a short while we mangaged to hook a dozen and half wild rainbows and brought about half of them to hand including a couple dandies.   With fall hatches just days away the fishing should get very exciting in the near future.  We are looking forward to getting together again when the leaves have a bit more color and the  October Caddis and Blue Wing Olives are fattening big ‘bows.

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