Flyfishing guide reports: Klamath LSac, USac, McCloud, Pit & Hat Creek

Father admires Hank with his Klamath River Steelhead on a dry fly! Rod poses a chunky Pit River trophy 'bow. Father and son enjoy a fine day on the McCloud River June 5-14th

Warm sunny weather has turned the fly fishing in Northern California hot!   Dry Fly fishing on the McCloud River remains outstanding.  Pale Morning Duns and Large Drakes hatching in the afternoon have all the fish including some big ‘bows looking up.  Salmonflies and early Goldenstones are currently sputtering but should soon be in full swing.   Local guides, Craig Nielsen, Alan Blankenship, Rick Cox, Wayne Eng, and Fred Gordon have treated folks to some outstanding days and exceptional fish as a result of the bounty.  The flows remain low, very clear and stable, well below the norm, particularly for a high water year but PG&E has warned they may not last long. The weather forecast is calling for continued warm, stable weather in the coming week, so we recommend you get here now to enjoy the magic while it lasts!
McCloud River road rock The rock blocking the road in between Ah Di Na and the Nature Conservancy that was scheduled to be removed by blasting on May 26th has finally been removed, however the road has not been graded for a few years so a high clearance vehicle is recommended.

10 year old lands Klamath River adult Steelhead on Salmonfly dry! Tootsie Pop brothers Flows have finally dropped on the Klamath and the big bugs are out.  We enjoyed a few outstanding days with guests casting Salmonflies to the bank and found some hold over bright steelhead along with the juveniles.  A couple of young brothers, 7 & 10 years old landed adult steelhead on dry flies this week!

Rod with another big 'bow on a great day on the Pit River. The Upper Sac and Pit continue fair to good as flows continue to be high and fishable water is limited.  The bugs have begun to pop but it is still a challenge to access the very best water in these flows.  Guides Alan Blankenship and Tom Peppas who know it as well as anyone have treated guests to some good days including some trophy fish.  Some midday hatches and dry fly fishing can be had but it has not been the steady affair we’ve experienced on the McCloud or Hat Creek, so nymphing is most productive.

Mike with the first of many Rainbows on this sunny Lower Sac summer day. Long 'bow ;>) Jason lands one of many large Rainbows Lower Sacramento River fly fishing guides Chris King, Gabe Duran and Craig Nielsen hosted a number of fly fishers who enjoyed an outstanding bite in the past few weeks despite some radical, unpredictable flow changes.  Incredible hatches begin in the morning with spring Caddis (#16 olives) and continue with heavy midday Pale Morning Duns creating a feeding a frenzy that gets silly good at times.   As the PMD’s start winding down the summer Caddis (Hydrophysche) start hatching and the fishing doesn’t miss a beat.  Not as many fish looking up as we might hope.  Continued warmer weather in the forecast will hopefully get the fish looking up?

Tom Peppas and George Durand hosted a few groups to some fine days on the Fall River last week.  Warmer temps still have not gotten midday hatches of Blue Wing Olives and Pale Morning Duns into full swing, with shorter sessions of good dry fly action than we would like.  Nymphing and swinging continue to find fish and more fish are entering the system from spawning tribs everyday.   Hopefully continued warmer weather in the coming week will steady the hatches and the dry fly fishing that typically peaks this time of year.  A few Hexagenia have hatched so we expect that hatch to get going in earnest in a few weeks as well.

Hatches on Hat Creek are taking off with Big Drakes taking the main stage.  Fishing are keying on midday hatches of PMD’s as well.  Salmonflies have hatched and the fish are looking for them particularly under overhanging shrubbery.  The warmer weather in the coming week should have them taking off to egg lay and get the fish looking up throughout.  You may want to consider planning a trip to this spring creek gem in the next week or two to enjoy the bounty.


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