Founding Officers of the Fly Fishing Safety Institute enter Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame

MikebigbuckJimbigbuck2Klamath River

December 2013

Jim and Mike,  founding officers of the Fly Fishing Safety Institute joined Craig for a couple days of fun filled fishing (and catching) on the Klamath River and stayed at the Scott River Lodge.  Chuck (Gaylord) the ring leader of the Institute didn’t make it on the pilgrimage and missed all the fun.  Too bad as both Mike and Jim entered the Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame finding a couple exceptional Steelhead on this occasion.  Chuck will hopefully join them in 2014 to attempt to match their glory.

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  1. Mike Metzler
    Posted January 5, 2014 at 9:54 am | Permalink

    The fishing was awesome and the accommodations and food were spectacular.
    Just for the record, Gaylord (Chuck) Cadman is not the “ringleader” of the Fishing Safety Institute™. He is but a small cog in the big wheel that protects the lives of fisher persons everywhere.

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