Good Books for snowbound fly fishers

Good Books & Jameson'sDigging out the fishin' car Buried fly fishing car We spent the last few weeks of March digging out from a series of storms that has caused local rivers to over flow their banks and made them unfishable.  I have enjoyed a few days of powder skiing whenever my unhappy back has allowed.  With more snow in the forecast, it has provided for some time to catch up on my “to do” list and get a little reading done.

I can heartily recommend everything I’ve read that as been written by John Gierach, Thomas McGuane and Roderick Haig-Brown, and I enjoy rereading them every few years. While McGuane and Haig-Brown will get you thinking, Gierach is one of the few authors whose one liners cause me to laugh out loud.  I also have a few lesser known authors in the bookcase that I break out and reread on occasion that some of you might find of interest as well.

Fly Fishing Snowstorm reading At the top of the list is Lani Waller’s “A River of Dreams” which includes the opening chapter “Trotter’s Pool” which is riveting and revealing.  Lani is a legend in steelheading circles and bears his soul in this book, sharing with us why it is we get bit.  If dry fly fishing is more your style, a must read is Gary Lofontaine’s “Dry Flies, New Angles”.  Better know for his encyclopedic book “Caddisflies”, LaFontaine applies his underwater observations to dry flies, sharing with readers why some flies perform better than others, including a theory of color attraction.  For pure fireside enjoyment, perhaps with a wee dram of your favorite spirit, it is hard to beat the creator of the Funnel Dun, Neil Patterson’s book “Chalkstream Chronicles”, which is a journal complete with sketches from a writer who escapes the big city to set up a new way of life on a famous British trout stream.

Pipeline Sunset, Oahu With more snow in the forecast this week, we might even spend a little time at the vise.  If you haven’t done so, check out Craig’s recent articles in California Fly Fisher with recipes for successful patterns for local rivers for winter and spring.  There will also be an article on summer flies in the upcoming June Issue.

We are hoping to see spring soon.  Flows on the Lower Sac are down to 26,500 today and we hope to get out later in the week to check out the bite.  Until then we have managed an escape to the North Shore of Oahu were the surf is up and the weather is in the high 70’s and 80’s.  This morning we are taking a bike ride to the Bonzai Pipeline to check out the action; our trip timing could not have been much better.

We hope to see you soon, until then keep the faith and take good care.

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