Hat Creek, Pit, USac, McCloud May 19 & 20th

Steve with an Upper Sac Dry Fly 'Bow Steve and Kurt

Steve joined me again and invited his buddy Kurt who had not yet experienced the great fly fishing available in the shadow of Shasta.   Steve was interested in upping his dry fly game so we opted to take a local tour of the dry fly possibilities, four rivers in two days!   The fishing was good on all four rivers though the dry fly bite was not what we had hoped.  Steve is a seasoned nympher and was certain he could get ’em down deep so stuck to his dry even during a blizzard of caddis on the Pit that had Kurt hooked up under his indicator on every other cast.  It was one of those epic evenings one does not soon forget, the smile on Kurt’s face made his cheeks cramp.  Steve enjoyed his friend’s success while getting some takes, some refusals, some lost fish and landed a few himself.  He discovered that with a little persistance and know how he could catch fish consistently on any of these rivers with a dry fly rig as well as his trusted nymphs.  Steve will be returning soon and we are looking forward to the opportunity to test his new found skills with the big bugs that will be arriving in mass in the coming weeks.

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