Hat Creek, Upper & Lower Sac May 5,6 &7

All smiles to end a marvelous day! Jon & Carlo

A person couldn’t find a couple nicer guys to spend a day and fish with.  Each season Jon and Carlo come up to fish the McCloud and unfortunately this year she wasn’t in the mood.  A big storm blew in leaving little water to fish.  Jon and Carlo braved the storm and plied the Upper Sac and Hat Creek and while Carlo tempted a few, Jon was not so lucky.  The last day of their trip we decided to try the Lower Sac where the forecast had called for warm sunny weather, a welcome relief.  The Lower Sac had been blown out but fellow guide, Mike Corley scouted it the evening before and gave us the thumbs up.  A very lucky break.  With these two good friends I knew the fishing would be great but as it turned out the catching was pretty great too!  Jon carried the torch in the morning landing a fish in the second run, third run, fourth run a theme that would repeat itself.  Carlo’s tough luck continued as he would hook fish but most managed to wiggle loose.  Once we discovered a bent hook was the cultprit the fish stopped biting his flies ;>(.  We stopped for lunch actually seeking shade as the only boat we saw all day drifted by.  After lunch we changed Carlo’s dropper to a caddis pattern and despite a nice hatch of Mayflies it turned the bite around for him.  He carried the torch to the take out as we even managed a couple double hook ups!  An incredibly beautiful and productive day on a legendary river that neither one of them had experienced before!  While they will certainly try their luck again on the McCloud we are now trying to fit a day in on the Lower Sac as well!

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