Klamath River January 30th

Ed & Nick take a day off

Ed & Nick

Ed and Nick, father and son joined me for another  day of winter Steelhead Fishing.  They floated the Klamath before the holidays but being adventurous souls we decided to explore some canyon water downstream.  It was bright and sunny, the water was low so it was a bit more technical than our day drifting.  We spent some time refining techniques, developing long accurate casts and stack mends to the far seams where we were rewarded with a few bright wild winter fish.  We celebrated our day with a fine meal and a phenomenal bottle of wine at Vivify a local organic Japanese restaraunt in Mount Shasta.  Ed is an award winning winemaker, you can view his vintages at La Filice and Nick works at  Silver Oak Cellars.

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