Klamath River Fly Fishing Guide Date Bounty

Del with a nice Klamath 1/2 pounder Fly Fishing Vet Treats Father in Law to Guide Date

November 28th

Jerry is a Fly Fishing Steelhead Veteran who thought it would be fun to treat his father in law to a guide date and share the bounty of the Klamath River.    Jerry and I met at a presentation I made on the Klamath River for a  Rogue Flyfishers meeting, a club he belongs to in Medford .  Jerry’s  father in law, Del was a quick study and was soon able to  hook and land a number of fine fish on this glorious sunny day.  Jerry found several fish as well but as luck has it sometimes when fishing, the big ones got away.   No worries, the season has just begun!  Jerry will be back in a few weeks when the big fall fish have arrived in force and the first winter fish pushing in.

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