Klamath Feb. 9 & 10th

Snow Smiles Glen and Glen Jr.

What a difference a day makes.  On Monday we enjoyed sunny skies and shirt sleeves in the afternoon.  Glen Jr. has fished the Klamath with us for several years while this was his father’s first fly fishing trip ever!  The next day we had ice in our guides (in their rod guides, I don’t eat ice, my dentist says it’s bad for my teeth) until it warmed and started to snow after lunch.  The newly arrived winter “ghost” run steelies were on the grab and we saw several of these large hot fish on both days.  Unfortunately Glen Sr. only managed to hook these big ones, a challenging task for a first timer.  We were able to get a photo of one of his Steelhead and had a few others to the net.  We lost count of Glen Jr.’s fish hooked and/or landed but trying kept our toes warm.  Click on the pic to see more photos of our adventure.

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