Klamath May 3rd

Dave & Klamath Half Pounder David

David is an avid angler who chases trout  regularly on Northern California streams including the  local streams in the shadow of Shasta.   He had not yet sampled the Klamath and as he is planning a Steelhead adventure to BC with a new two handed rod he thought it was past time for an introduction to both.  Being a bit of a ‘tweener time on the Klamath, after the fall and winter steelhead runs and a bit before our big Salmonfly hatch takes off,  we loaded three rods.  We started with an indicator and nymphs, tried a dry fly with droppers and loaded a Switchrod with a sink tip to swing.  The day began in a downpour and we managed some grabs and hooked a few before the sun came out and we peeled off the layers.  The bite had been slow but the sunshine seemed to slow it even more despite a very nice Brachycentrus hatch that got going. We either failed to solve it or the fish simply weren’t feeding?  Though there were bugs all across the surface we never spotted a single riser.  We switched to swinging and after a few grabs, landed a half pounder on a Skunk pattern, Dave’s first fish on a swung fly and two handed rod.  After a break for lunch and a discussion regarding our favorite fine wines, the bite picked up.  We got a few fish swinging, on droppers off the dry, and several while sidedrifting an indicator.  The only thing missing was a fish on the dry but with Salmonflies soon to arrive we can easily complete the Klamath sampler on his next adventure.  As we will almost certainly have warmer weather I’ll be sure to pack a chilled Sauvignon Blanc in the ice chest to share.

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