Klamath River April 8th

Rich's Klamath Chrome 1/08 Shasta Trinity Fly Fishing Club Presentation

I awoke this morning with my heart racing, startled by a dream of a grizzly chasing my wife and I.  I bumped my head getting into my car and banged my knee climbing out.  I fished with a couple great guys on the Lower Sac on a day we hoped and expected to be epic.  We witnessed an epic hatch but couldn’t solve it.  In the evening  I attended the monthly meeting of the Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers were I was the featured speaker and tyer.  The topic was the Klamath River which I know intimately and fish and guide as much as anyone.  While the presentation went reasonably well and several members commented that they learned a lot, it was not one of my more stellar performances :>(  When I awoke the next morning the meaning of my dream dawned on me.  Somedays I eat the bear and somedays the bear eats me.

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    Hi Craig, since the Grizzley has long been extinct in these parts, we shall assume that you were being chased by a metaphore. I too usually run from linguistics, punctuation and rules of grammar, literary forms, and anything remotely close to my high school english class. We shall also assume that things are good at home, since you were running WITH your wife.

    Doug…at the mid-klamath section of heaven.

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