Klamath River, Big Steelhead and lots of ’em!

Chris finds a big beautiful hen Bright Sunshine + Big Steelhead = Road Trip

November 2 & 3rd

Chris is a regular guest and called for a fishing report as he looked at a few days off from work.  We fortunately had a few days to squeezed him in so he invited Stuart, a work buddy for a two day road trip to sample the Lower Sac on Monday and the Klamath on Tuesday.   The weather was phenomenal (OK maybe a bit too warm)  and the action matched it.  We hooked numerous fish,  to many to keep and accurate count and  landed a few fresh Big Bright Steelies. Chris managed to find all the big girls while Stuart found a few fine bucks.   Less than a tank of gas from home, a magical day filled with Steelhead makes the windshield time and the work week all the easier to pass.

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