Klamath River March 17th

John with Hatchery Half Pounder John

John is the owner and operator of the new Klamathon Lodge, a knock dead gorgeous log home on the Upper Klamath River.  We’ve seen each other on the river numerous times and he recently gave me a tour of the place.  Wow!  We decided we should get together to fish and picked a prime midweek date.  We had the river to ourselves, shirtsleeve weather and great water conditions.  What was there not to like?  Well the fish would not bite.  What is up with that?  First sunny day after a storm, water temp coming up from 42 to 45?  Sunday was great?  In an afternoon float we managed two half pounders and one adult, all hatchery fish.  We deserved better.    We’ll just have to get out again soon!

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