Klamath River March 18th

Dad with a Wild One Dan, Chris & Evan

Father and son trips maybe the best gig a guide ever gets and these guys are as good as it gets.  They can all cast and fish and more importantly they genuinely enjoy being on the water together.   Three clients and particularly three guys in a boat can be a challenge and some guides are not willing to accept it.  This family makes it a treat.  The Klamath has consistently produced solid days (and some epic ones) since the first week in October so I was really looking forward to sharing the experience with them.   I was concerned that the day before was so poor but that was clearly an anomolie.  Not so.  It sucked today.    We landed two fish but had very little opportunity, despite fishing good water well all day.  Being the good guys they are they all took it in stride.  They returned to fish with John on Friday and the Klamath treated them better but not with the epic kind of day we had hoped for.   We are looking forward to our next outing and a shot at that epic day that rivers in this part of the world are famous for!

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