Klamath River Steelhead: A Fishing Guide’s Trip Report

Steve with a bright winter beauty Good times and great fish! Pat finds some Klamath River winter chrome Swinging Flies for Klamath River Steelhead: Fishing Guide’s Report

March 6 & 7

This winter Steve decided it was about time to enjoy a guided trip  for Steelhead on the Klamath River and try his hand at swinging flies with two handed rods.  Steve is a good angler, a great guy and fishes with us several times a year.  We met on the McCloud River nearly a decade ago and fish it together most every season.  We have ventured off to explore other local waters, last year he tested the Fall River for the first time with our fellow guide Tom Peppas.

Steve brought some friends along to join us for a weekend on the Klamath where the fishing continues to be very good.  One of the boats on our trip stuck to nymphing while the other boat dedicated the time to the swing.  We loaded up a couple switchrods with Skagit lines, fast sinking tips and classic wet flies.  While nymphing produced more fish to hand on this trip the number of grabs and the action we enjoyed on the swing was greater.  Water temps were approaching 48 degreess and all of the fish were chrome bright meaning fishing on the swing will likely only improve.

We enjoyed a magical weather, spring  arrived early and we discovered the excitement of swinging and anticipating the grab.  We also learned that setting the hook on the swing is a hard habit to break but found that fishing in the classic way can also be more relaxing and enjoyable than staring at a bobber all day.

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