Klamath River Steelhead Flyfishing Off to a Great Start!

Steve hooked up Guided Steelhead Group, Klamath River Oct. 5&6

This group of good friends gather each year at the Klamathon Lodge on the upper Klamath River to catch some Salmon and kick off the Steelhead season.   We were not disappointed this year as the fish are in and on the grab.  With all the Salmon in the system the egg bite was exceptional but we were pleasantly surprised when a good number of fish picked up our flies as they swung.  Every one found a few fish and a few guys were into double digits.  Early season Steelhead on the Klamath tend on the small size, half-pounders that are 16 to 22 inches.  We hooked a few larger fish that may have been Steelhead but with so many Chinook and Jacks in the river we were never sure.  Larger fall run Steelhead are on the move and fish should only get better!

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