Klamath River Steelhead Friend Fest

Jeff hooks up to the delight of friends Jim & Ken with John on the oars
Jeff finds a bright hen at last light Will with big thick Wild Klamath Steelhead Fly Fishing Friends Gather for Fabulous Fly Fishing

November 20th

This group of good friends fly fishes together each season to celebrate their friendship and enjoy the outdoors together.  Though the weather wasn’t entirely friendly (it rained hard all morning)  the anglers were hardy and the Steelhead willing.  Ken, Jim, Earl, Dave, Jeff and Will were hosted by local guides Craig, John and Chuck on a trip arranged by FlywaterTravel.  The day started off in a big way with Will, one of the least experienced anglers in the group, landing the largest fish we’ve seen this season in the very first run.  The huge wild buck provided entry for Will into ShastaTrout’s Hawg of Fame.  We found several more willing steelhead during the day with a few notable runs producing hook ups on nearly every pass including a couple doubles.  It was one of those days steelhead anglers dream about, raindrops dripping off a bent rod.  Jeff concluded the day in perfect fashion with a big very hot hen in (you guessed it) the last run of the day.   We are wishing for a rainy day return!

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