Local Anglers Sample Klamath River Steelhead

Chris hooks up while back lit Guided Driftboat Fly Fishing on the Klamath River

November 30th

A couple avid local fly fishers joined us to chase Steelhead on a guided driftboat trip on the Klamath River.  Chris schedules annual Steelhead trips to BC and the Lower Klamath each season while Mats spends his summers with a flyrod in Montana.   They could not have picked a nicer day.  Perhaps it was a tad too nice as the bite slowed for us on this day particularly for the larger fish we’ve been seeing.  Each hooked a few, Mats landed a few of his on a switchrod of ours he tried out, while Chris was not as lucky with the big fish he hooked.  The half pounders on this day were not shy and provided entertainment in between our hook ups with their larger relatives.   The Steelhead season on the upper river is just getting into full swing with four full months still ahead of us so we look forward to getting out a few more times with these great steelheaers.

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