Longtime California angler experiences best day ever, enters Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame

A big guy enjoys a Big fish!Fly fishing on the Lower Sacramento River has really turned on as spring hatches are popping and the weather and river conditions have been nearly ideal .  This week Dave, an avid angler who has been at for decades enjoyed his best day ever chasing trophy trout including a phenomenal trophy buck over two feet long, gaining him entry into Shasta Trout’s Hawg of Fame.

Joe enjoys a beautiful day and a trophy Lower Sacramento River RainbowDave enjoys beautiful skies and trophy Lower Sac 'bowsDave was amazed at how hard this fish battled and the time it took him to land the beast.  Dave’s life long friend Joe joined him for the day and even though Joe only gets out perhaps once a season, he also had an amazing day with the two of them landing many fish including several over the magical 20″ mark, despite the fact that a few of the biggest ones were able to manage a long line release ;>).

Dave and Joe are already planning a return trip, we hope you can join us also and perhaps experience an epic day!  Drop us a line for available dates.

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