Lower Sac, July 6th

A beauty just above the bridge Dennis & Susanne

Susanne and Dennis traveled to the Shadow of Shasta to celebrate Susanne’s 50th High School reunion and  Dennis planned a day to fish on his way back home.  Dennis and I fished together last season at Fishing Bear Lodge in Alaska on one of our hosted trips.  On the morning of our trip Susanne (a nonangler) decided it was a perfect day to take a boat ride down the Sacramento River with us.  Each of them were delighted as the weather was relatively mild and both the fishing and sight seeing were outstanding.  We saw Egrets, Blue Herons, Green Herons, Canada Geese, several species of ducks, Swallows, two Bald Eagles and an Osprey that dove and caught a fish right in front of us!  We caught our fair share of fish as well with action that started at the launch and continued to the take out.  It is obvious that these two enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the outdoors, what a delightful way to spend a day together!

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