Lower Sac, May 24th

Jeff's 'bow has shoulders Joe and Jeff

Joe purchased a gift certificate for his brother Jeff who cashed it in for a drift trip on the Lower Sac.  He invited brother Joe along.  Clever fisherman, Joe.  We launched late to avoid the holiday weekend flotilla and fish late into the evening to take advantage of the best bite.  All went as planned.  Except for some jetboat traffic we had the river and fishing to ourselves.  The PMD’s were popping on schedule, some caddis hatched in the afternoon and the sun went over the horizon right on time.  We prospected several runs, searching each seam for pods of feeding bow’s.  We would stick a fish and row through for another pass.  When they wouldn’t eat our flies on subsequent passes we would change flies.  Get a grab on the new fly but then not another.  We would fish new seams,  new flies, change our drop, hang up on the bottom and adjust again.  We never did find that magic pod to make our day.  It was a fish here, a fish there, never the same seam or same fly.  We hooked some nice fish, lost some, and landed a few very nice fish including perhaps Joe’s best trout to date.  We worked it hard, fished it well and deserved better but apparently the fish knew it was a holiday weekend and most of them took the day off.

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