Lower Sacramento April 10th

Sunshine, Sundial Bridge, and another Rainbow Tery, Jamie & Taylor

I left the house in Mount Shasta with it snowing lightly.  The forecast called for a 20% chance of precip so we all packed rain gear.  By 10:30 in Redding we were lathering on the sunscreen and by 2:00 it was officially too hot!  Tery and I met at the Portland Fly Fishing Show and when he called requesting a trip for three I provided all the disclaimers about fewer fish per angler and double the tangles.  He answered that they didn’t care.  He, his daughter Jamie and her boyfriend Taylor just wanted to spend the day together outdoors.   They couldn’t have picked a nicer one. Jamie studys Crossbeaks, a bird that eats seads from pine cones, while Taylor chases Great White Sharks.   They are PHD candidates at UC Davis and avid outdoor enthusiasts.  Though inexperienced as fly fishers, Jamie and Taylor each caught fish, with some difficultly as all we seemed to hook were hawgs!  When the PMD’s got going in the afternoon Taylor put on a show, while Jamie lost a few more large specimens after extended tussles.  A lighthearted soul, Dad was most often content to sit back and enjoy the show but when he did get into the act, he hooked a few himself.   Click on the photo at left to see more pics of this friendly and fun family in action.

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