Lower Sacramento April 8th

Lou displays a beautiful 'bow Lou & Ross

I was really looking forward to this day.  The Lower Sac has been phenomenal and these guys are a couple of the best sticks in the Northstate.  Lou is a guide and fisheries biologist from Ohio who recently moved to the area for the fishing while Ross arrived in Redding years ago to spend several days a week fishing the Blue Ribbon streams in his backyard.  Unfortunately releases from Keswick were increased 1000 cfs the night before.  Not to be detered, Ross landed a nice fish in the first run on his first cast!  What a great omen!  We got a couple more handshakes before moving down river and spending a couple hours hoping for a hatch and finding our second fish.   At two o’clock the hatch arrived.  None of us had ever witnessded such a prolific hatch of Pale Morning Duns!  For the next two hours a blizzard of bugs filled the air and covered the surface.  With takes far and few between, we  changed flies.  Pheasant Tails, Bead Head PT’s, Flashback PT’s, Softhackle PT’s, Drifting Flashbacks, Poxyback PMD’s, BH Poxy PMD’s, HBI’s, Micromays, sized up and sized down.  We worked all the water that had been producing: inside seams, soft water, fast water, we changed depth, changed weight & stuck our tongues in the opposite cheek. We enjoyed sharing each other’s full bag of tricks.  On this day Ross’s first fished turned out to be a curse.   On some days the only difference between a novice and an expert angler is that it takes a novice about an hour to figure out the fish aren’t biting while it can take an “expert” all day ;>)

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