Lower Sacramento & Klamath River Fly Fishing Guide Trip Reports

Red stripes and red nails Valerie enjoys the first of many trophiesRyan enjoys another lunker Fly fishing on the Lower Sacramento River was spectacular for several anglers this past week. The weather was phenomenal with day time temps in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s.  The spring like weather got the spring caddis hatching weeks before we usually see fishable numbers and big trophy ‘bows were finding them.  While the number of fish to hand for most anglers has not reached epic proportions, a few anglers this past week caught their best trout ever, including two who gained entry into the Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame.

The first storm system in several weeks blew in on Monday and the forecast is showing that it will be around for a while.  On days it isn’t too windy the weather could also get some Blue Wing Olives and early PMD mayflies  hatching to supplement the spring caddis. The cloud cover will cause trout to be less wary and looking up, so we will also be looking for opportunities to dry fly fish on the Lower Sac.

The Klamath and Trinity could perhaps use a little wet weather as well, the fish and catching has gone stale.  Diehard steelheaders who are still finding a fish or two hope the storms will move some fish and get them back on the grab.  The Klamath also experienced a rapid flow increase last week from 1300 cfs to 5500 cfs from Irongate Dam.  The flows were designed to move fine sediments that were fostering parasites harmful to salmonids.

The public was given less than 24 hours notice of the flow change by the Bureau of Reclamation and several friends and guests had to cancel Klamath trips.  Initial reports were that flows would be returned to normal within 48 hours.  This turned out to be inaccurate as flows have been dropping about 300 cfs per day and as of today are at 2100, which is fishable and at the median for this time of year.  The latest word is that flows will continue to drop at the current rate and will be stabilized at 1300 on February 19th through the end of the month.  Typically steelhead fishing holds up well through March on the Klamath, so we are hopeful that these flows have moved some fish and got them back on the grab?

Tomas enjoys a Rainbow & fine California weather Maggie enjoys another hot run Maggie poses her trophy Lower Sac 'bow Val with a true Lower Sac winter porker Early in the week, our longtime friend and climbing, cycling, skiing and fishing buddy Tomas, visited from Flagstaff, AZ on his way back from Maui.  He was joined by good friend Jeff from their college days back at Chico State where we met.   While the weather and fishing was phenomenal, the bugs didn’t get going and as a result the bite was a bit stubborn. We hooked and lost a couple nice fish before Tomas brought a very fine fish to net.  The next day a few fine ladies joined us from Chico and put on a show.  Valerie and Maggie have some game and put it to good use, sticking fish after fish, with several trophies, including one that will they will not soon forget as it gained Valerie entry in to the Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame!

Bill with his first ever Lower Sac trout To get the weekend started, regulars Steve & Scott invited friends Matt, Mehrdad, Tom, and Scott’s father in law, Bill to join them on a guide date with local guides Craig, Chris and Gabe. It turned out to be one of those technical days, when every little thing mattered and the experienced anglers enjoyed success while those with less experience on the Lower Sac found the bite a bit tougher.  The technical nature of the fishing was compounded this day by a grab that was better in the morning than later in the day, which is unusual for the Lower Sac. Steve stuck around an extra day to fish with his friend Mason who enjoyed a weekend with Gabe wearing himself out playing big fish!

Paul with trophy Lower Sac RainbowRyan celebrates his Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame entry Lower Sac winter magic, trophy 'bows and sunshine Ryan feeds another hawg A big fish bonanza was also had by Ryan and his good luck charm, father in law, Paul.  Early in the day Ryan landed his best trout to date, a big buck in the first run which gained him entry into the Shasta Trout Hawg of Fame.  Ryan went on to hook several others, landing another half dozen trophy Rainbows.  Paul took a little longer to get into the action but finished strong, including a trophy in the last run of the day.  The spring caddis were hatching and the fish were on them.  This is the earliest in the season we’ve seen this hatch so strong with the peak weeks still to come.  Now is the time to schedule your spring trip on the Lower Sac to experience this epic hatch first hand.  Drop us a line while we still have several prime dates with the finest local guides available.

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