Lower Sacramento March 30th


Mike Corley, Fishing Guide

I had the pleasure of fishing the Lower Sac with local fly fishing guide Mike Corley and his son Michael.  Mike and I had met a few times on the river and talked shop but had never fished or worked together so we set a date.  When work and life intervened we set another and another….  Today we finally made it. It was windy which made rowing the boat and getting a good drift a chore.  It can also hamper a hatch and put of the bite.  So we took it easy, lost a few fish, caught a few fish, compared notes & flyboxes, ate, took a few pictures.  We had a great hatch of PMD’s and March Browns while photographing which promptly ended when we got rods back in our hands.  Some Callibaetis came off and after we figured out the fish wanted the flies moving rather than dead drifted we caught a few more.   Mike is a joy to spend a day with and we hope to share some work soon and often.  Like me, Mike has guided for Clearwater and the FlyShop and owns his own guide service.  Mike lives in Redding and feaures floats on the Lower Sac and Trinity and walk and wade trips on the Pit & Upper Sac along with adventures on the Fall River out of his pram.  If he sounds like your kind of guide, drop us a line!

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