Lower Sacramento River: Fly Fishing Guides Reports

Beautiful bright fish, perfect hook up! Lower Sacramento The weather on the Lower Sacramento River has been spectacular, sunny and warm with the fall colors peaking.  While fishing remains superb, the catching continues to be fair to good.  Our guests have enjoyed numerous hook ups each day and some of the best dry fly fishing of the season.  The weather forecast is calling for more of the same so we recommend you take a break from your holiday shopping and get here now!

While the epic egg bite never materialized this year, and the salmon are mostly done with their annual migration, we have enjoyed some prolific hatches including some of the largest Blue Wing Olive hatches ever.  Most mornings start a bit slow, we typically spend this prehatch  period nymphing looking for some caddis to pop as the day warms and waiting for the BWO’s to get started midday.  The nymphing can be a bit technical with strike recognition and quick, solid hook sets being key.  It can be a challenge to hook and land the trophy trout the Lower Sac is famed for with these tiny flies.  As a result, experienced anglers are enjoying more success than those new to the technique.

For those in the know the dry fly fishing on select flats has been exceptional.  You have to look carefully for pods of working fish as their riseforms can often be quite subtle.  These fish are usually spooky so long leaders and accurate casts and presentations are required.  Unfortunately for those of us with aging eyes, emergers and nymphs drifted in the film along with low floating dries seem to outperform the easier to see high floating flies.  For those up to the challenge, a few of these hot big ‘bows can make your day.

Flows have been steady at 7,000 cfs and were dropped today to 6,000.  Which makes even more of the river accessible to wading though angling from a boat has been considerably more productive.  There are currently no other scheduled releases.  For the latest conditions or to schedule a great local guide, just drop us a line.



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