Lower Sacramento River fly fishing remains good despite cloudy water

Brian enjoys a bright Rainbow on an overcast day Fly fishing guide reports from Anthony Carruesco, Gabe Duran and Craig Nielsen

Since it is officially spring, winter has decided to finally arrive in the Northstate.  With the recent storms we have been experiencing, most rivers are blown out and turbidity on the Lower Sacramento River has increased dramatically.  It has varied between a foot to three feet, with six to eight feet being the norm.  The bugs and the fish have not seemed to mind as the catching has remained surprisingly good! Local guides Anthony Carruesco, Gabe Duran and Craig Nielsen all enjoyed very successful trips this past week, and guests who ventured out were exceedingly pleased.

A great way to enjoy the first day of spring! Brett enjoys a bright chunky Lower Sac Rainbow Another hook up at the end of an epic day The spring caddis have taken a back seat to rafts of hatching Pale Morning Duns and March Browns.  If water clarity improves and the hatches continue we would expect to see some superb dry fly fishing.  It has been primarily a nymphing affair with rubberleg patterns joining the mayfly patterns as top producers.  Most of the fishing has been upstream as tributaries are coloring the water even more downstream.  Flows out of Keswick have dropped from 4,000 cgs to about as low as the get at 3251 cfs which is extremely wadable and concentrates the fish.  This is a time of year when the trophy Rainbows begin to spawn so be certain to avoid fishing to sighted fish in the shallows and shallow spawning areas where these fish congregate to reproduce.

Contact us to scheduled a date with one of our great local guides.  If you are headed our way and prefer not to fish with a guide, just drop us a line, we are more than happy to share all we can. We hope to see you soon!

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