Lower Sacramento River, Upper Sac and Klamath Rivers: A Guide’s Report

Ross finds late season chrome on the Klamath River Malcolm with a Lower Sacramento River Trophy Rainbow Bob with a colorful Lower Sacramento River  Rainbow Northern California Fly Fishing Guide Report:  April 1-7

Fly fishing this spring in Northern California continues to be amazing.  The Lower Sacramento River is the best we have ever seen this time of year while the Upper Sac produced a number of trophies again this week.  We even managed to swing up some Steelhead to conclude our season on the Klamath River.  Consider this your notice to get here now, we never know how long the bounty might last.

This continues to be the best spring fishing on the Lower Sacramento River we have ever seen, though we have only been fishing it a bit over 45 years now ;>)  Our new friends, Malcolm and Bob enjoyed a morning mixed hatch of spring caddis, blue wing olives and PMD’s.  Of course the fish also fell to rubberleg patterns as the bug life on the river continues to multiply and diversify.  The PMD hatch was heavy and continued all day which we did not mind a bit.  Malcolm and Bob returned home with tired arms from playing so many fish and sore cheeks from grinning so hard.

Our longtime good friend Ross joined us to explore a lower drift on the Klamath River he had not yet seen.  We dedicated the day to the swing and loaded up a couple new rods with some new lines which can be an adventure in itself.  Ross has a new twelve and a half foot Scott T2h eight weight that he has tried to match a number of lines to.  On this day he found the sweetheart he was looking for, a 600 grain Rio Skagit that balanced so well with a 10′ T14 tip and his own beautiful blue and black  tied Intruder that he swung up a bright chrome springer Steelhead.  Craig sampled some new lines including Rio’s 325 grain short head Skagit Flight on his favorite switch rod, Sage’s Z-Axis six weight eleven footer and found the perfect fit.  It also turned out to fit a bit better than Air Flo’s 360 grain short head Skagit on his Scott twelve and a half foot T2h six weight though he didn’t have as much luck finding willing fish as Ross.

An afternoon on the Upper Sac before the storms hit this week again produced some trophies.  The dry fly fishing hasn’t been what we have hoped but the nymphing has been phenomenal.  Snow on the upper river will now limit access until the weather warms enough to melt it off.   Flows continue to be reasonable but with an above average snow pack we are not certain how long to expect these conditions to last.

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