Lower Sacramento River, Upper Sac and Pit Rivers: A Guide’s Report

Tim finds an Upper Sacramento Trophy Rainbow Upper Sac glory hole and beautiful rainbow Mark discovers a Rainbow on Upper Sacramento River Mitch finds a bright beautiful Lower Sacramento Rainbow Chris with hefty Trophy Lower Sacramento River Rainbow Mike with a trophy Lower Sac Rainbow Northern California Fly Fishing Guide Report:  April 13-19th

We enjoyed another phenomenal week of guided fly fishing on Northern California rivers this week.  We had trips on the Upper Sacramento River, Lower Sacramento River and Pit Rivers and shared the best spring fishing in recent memory.  All of the rivers were exceptional with a couple days on the Lower Sac offering fishing of a lifetime for a few fortunate guests.

Craig, Jim, Gabe and Fred fished the Lower Sac this week with success on most everything they tried.  Rubberleg stoneflies perhaps on average produced the largest fish but that might just be that even bigger ones got away when we hooked them with tiny caddis or mayfly nymphs?  Mike, a gracious gentleman and exceptional angler had another outstanding day with several trophies to hand, while Chris and Mitch enjoyed a day with Craig they will not soon forget.  They drove up after Mitch got off work at 5 am and fished until 7:30 in the evening with sore arms having hooked and played one big fish after another.  Until the final run of the day they couldn’t find any little ones!  Though Mitch’s luck the next day waned a bit it was a good thing because Chris probably would have thrown him overboard.  Chris continued to carry the torch the second day for two days filled with the best fishing of his life.  Did I mention the weather was perfect as well?

Craig and John each enjoyed  a few days on the Upper Sac were guests have consistently been finding the very biggest Rainbows.  Though the water is high, many of the best fish are concentrated in some fishable runs providing the opportunity to target these trophies.  We hooked several, though landing these brutes can be a different equation entirely,  we did manage a few to net.  Tim and Mark each enjoyed a few memorable dances and catches while acquiring some skills that will serve them well in future adventures.

Alan spent his time over on the Pit River where the fishing continues to be as good as it gets.  With recent reports and the fair weather some other folks have discovered how good the Pit can be this time of year as well.  Alan’s local, intimate knowledge of the Pit River allowed him to seek untrammeled runs while sharing his expertise with his guests.  Though the secret regarding the fishing in spring on the Pit is out, the fishing continues to amaze us.

Though one can never be certain we hope and expect these rivers to continue to fish well in the near future.  Check back in the next few days for our full report and season outlook including all of our rivers as the McCloud, Fall River and Hat Creek open this Saturday.

We can’t wait, we hope you’ll join us! 

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