McCloud May 27-June 1

Andrew takes it all in

Andrew, Kim, William, Autumn, James, Bill, Will, Al, Alex, Chris

This week long traditional spring gathering on the McCloud is a very special event.  Friends and family gather from across the country to sample the bounty and beauty of the McCloud.  The fishing was exceptional but was easily exceeded by the culinary extravagance, fine wine, spirited discourse and camaraderie.  We scheduled the trip earlier than usual because of a mild winter and early runoff but were greeted by unseasonably hot weather.  True to the temperament of the McCloud she was very generous at times and not so at others.  The evening bite was good to great but mornings and afternoons seemed to be quite technical, particularly for this soon in the season.  The novices on the trip had some exceptional evenings while the most seasoned anglers had a few outstanding afternoons as well.  Arriving from the river in the evenings by headlamp our generous host and chef Andrew treated us to some of the most incredible feasts imaginable.  With some early morning starts to beat the heat a few of us opted to completely unplug and enjoy a cool dip and afternoon nap with the sweet song of Tuna Falls below our balcony.  What a wonderful life!

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